About Hardin Soy Candles

Hardin Soy Candles began in 2003.  Owner and Operator, Stacy Hardin, searched tirelessly for a candle that would burn clean and evenly.  After spending lots of time and money and being unsuccessful at finding this clean and even-burning candle, she decided to try and make her own.  Hearing about an all natural candle wax using the oil extracted off of soybeans, she began making candles using this wax type as the primary candle base.  Combining the soy candle base with a cotton core wick, natural fragrance oil and natural colors, Stacy created the perfect candle!  One that not only burned clean and evenly, but one that smelled great – and that long lasting fragrance lasts the entire life of the candle!

Some benefits of burning soy candles are:

  1.  Long burning – soy burns cooler than paraffin, so it burns much longer.
  2. Clean burning – because it is a natural resource, it does not smoke like a paraffin candle does.  NO BLACK SOOT!
  3. Renewable resource  & Biodegradable!
  4. Water Soluble – spill it on any surface, even clothing and carpet, and it comes right up with soap and warm water!  You can’t get that with paraffin!
  5. Helps support American farmers – because it is made from the oil off of soybeans, it helps out our American soybean farmers.

To order Hardin Soy Candles:

Visit us at our shop – Book Rack Used Books, Corners of Lake & Knoxville, 4408 N. Knoxville #2B, Peoria, IL  61614

Please call or text –  309/370-7683

or by facebook – http://www.facebook.com/hardinsoycandles


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