Fragrance & Price List


Read about us in the Peoria Journal Star on September 25, 2016:

2019 Candle Prices are:

8 oz. Jar – $8.99 each – (FANdom Candles are $9.99 each)
Smelts (soy melts) 6 cube pkg. – $4.50 each
Pumpkin Harvest Mini Pumpkin Potpourri – 8 oz scoop – $3.00
Pumpkin Harvest 1 oz. Refresher Spray – $7.00


FANdom Candles are inspired by books & movies.  As Hardin Soy Candles are owned by a book store, Book Rack Used Books, it seemed fitting to have a line of candles based around popular books & movies.

FANdom Fragrances

COFFEE AT LUKE’S – Smells just like a pot of freshly brewed coffee!

HONEYDUKE’S SWEET SHOP – Just like you walked into a sweet shop in the wizarding village.

SASSENACH – A beautiful citrus blend with notes of jasmine, violet, cedar and sandalwood. You’ll fall in love!

YELLOW BRICK ROAD – The best lemon scent you will ever smell!

JERK.BITCH. SAM & DEAN – This woodsy, spicy scent will make you wish you were a supernatural being just to get those gorgeous brothers to hunt you down!

THROUGH THE WARDROBE – Pine, berries, musk and vanilla all rolled into one – transporting you from one place to another! Turkish delight anyone?

FANTASTICAL CREATURES – Mahogany, coconut, sandalwood, vanilla and oakmoss. This scent will turn the most docile into a beast!

BUTTER BEER – Butterscotch and vanilla – yes, please! A great scent for wizards and non wizards alike!

CHI CHI’S UP – An intoxicating blend of cherries and berries – oh my gosh! You don’t have to be in Florida or Alabama to perk up proud!

UNBIRTHDAY CAKE – You will never smell a birthday cake this great! You will want to grab a spoon and eat this candle – NO LIE. Alice wishes you all a very happy unbirthday!

CHUG JUG – Blackberry, raspberry, lemon, orange and green apple all combined to “heal” you!

THE SHIRE – The smell of the fresh grass in a beautiful land far away!

MIDDLE EARTH – A legendary scent of spicy, earthy patchouli!

DROOBLES; BEST BLOWING GUM – You wizards want some blueberry gum?

STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE – Just like the strawberry milkshake served at Pop’s Chocklit Shop!

PRINCESS PEACH – You don’t have to be a damsel in distress to enjoy this fantastic peach fragrance!

POTIONS & PARCHMENT – Oakmoss & Amber & Tonka; smells fantastic!

CHOCOLATE FROGS – A wonderful chocolate scent that will have you “hopping” for more!



Fall Fragrances

Autumn Harvest

Autumn Leaves

Caramel Apple

Caramel Apple Cider

Caramel Praline

Cinnamon Harvest

Harvest Apple

Harvest Moon

Pumpkin Harvest

Witches Brew


Kitchen Fragrances

Amish Friendship Bread

Birthday Cake

Black Cherry

Blueberry Muffin

Butter Brickle

Buttercream Frosting

Cider Doughnuts

Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon Harvest

Cinnamon Strudel

Coffee Break

Creme Brulee

Farmhouse Cider

Fudge Brownie

Grandma’s Kitchen

Hazelnut Coffee

Hazelnut Cream

Lemon Cupcake

MacIntosh Apple

Peach Nectar

Pumpkin Harvest

Strawberry Shortcake

Sugar Cookies

Vanilla Cupcake


Bed & Bath Fragrances

Aqua Di Gio

Baby Magic

Baby Powder

Beach Linen

Beach Party

Butt Naked

Clean Cotton

Eucalpytus Lavender

Girls Night Out

Hippy Chick

Honeysuckle Jasmine

Lavender Chamomile

Lilac Blossom

Lily of the Valley

Love Spell

Monkey Farts

Orange Dreamsicle

Patchouli Lavender

Pink Sands

White Gardenia

Wild Fig


Holiday Fragrances

Amaretto Nog

Chestnuts & Brown Sugar

Christmas Apple

Christmas Cranberry

Christmas Eve

Christmas Mulberry

Christmas Tree

Gingerbread Village

Jack Frost

Peppermint Bark

Pine Cone Wreath

Spiced Cranberry

Sugar Plum Fairy